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This year, Hawaiian Swimming sponsored the first of its kind in Hawaii - a swim camp for Hawaii's top 10 girls and top 10 boys.  Swimmers were selected by comparing their best times against a national standard, selecting the best two events (ratio of time to standard), added them, and took the lowest scores.  The swimmers were brought together on Oahu including 3 from Maui and 2 from Big Island.  Coaches Steve Borowski and Malcolm Cooper ran the kids through double workouts Thursday afternoon through Sunday Morning, June 14-17, 2007 mostly at Central Oahu Regional Park, and with one practice at Punahou.  The camp built camaraderie through hard work, competition, and play.  In addition to building stamina and speed (and tearing them down with some hard work), the swimmers met with Chris Woo (the most recent Olympic swimmer from Hawaii) to talk story, ask questions, and more.  We also went over some mental techniques for race preparation developed by a psychologist who works with triathletes in Kona.  The swimmers roomed together (no swimmers from the same team roomed together) staying at the University of Hawaii dorms in Manoa - getting a taste of college life ... and a college cafeteria.

Coaches are really proud of the swimmers for making this camp a success.  They all worked hard at every practice - with a great attitudes (no grumbling, they just had fun swimming fast!).  They were good out of the pool, too - well behaved in public and in the dorms.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.  Parents, Coaches, Hawaiian Swimming, UH Swimming, but mostly these wonderful swimmers.

Below are some picture from the weekend.  The include some unofficial pictures donated by Judy Taparra (along with a printed picture for each swimmer to take home with them), pictures from workouts, and pictures from a day of bonding at the beach.  At the bottom are a few videos (between 4-7Meg in size - beware).


2007 Camp (Unofficial Photo)

Stop foolin' around

More Serious


Coach Steve get's their first pyramid set.

Push-off day 1

The accomodations

Vertical Kicking ... to sprint!

Ready GO!!!

Before mug shots


New Hairdo for Workout and Senior Picture

Fly set

Jack Cutts ahead

Chris Woo visits to talk about taking it as far as you can go

Resting from AM for PM session

Some shade

Whitewater check

Whitewater play

Cool at the beach

Mermaid Posing

Jack finds a beautiful mermaid

Shave Ice cooling off after Makapuu

Pigeon Races ... last one to the line and back, hop out, and turn around is out.  This is a killer game

Sharks and minnows, too.  (Played with kids their size and speed. They wanted to play this ... they never get to these days.)

Small kine videos ONE so kids could see what they look like swimming.  Others can be given to the kids on CD-R to watch later.

Surfin' Safari


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