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Menehune Manō LLC was started in 2006 based on work I've been doing for over 5 years after leaving the Mainland (Pasadena and San Gabriel Foothills area).  I work as a computer consultant helping people with computers, worked as a computer consultant for 3 years at Maui Pineapple Company (database application design, development and documentation;  MS Excel, and other work), have worked & donated time for Maui Age Group Swim Association as "Age Group Chair" running the timing system and computer at meets (including building, entering, timing, and sending out results), as coach for Maui Dolphins Swim Club I have managed their Team Manager swim times and records for all it's swimmers, worked on the board, ran ocean swim competitions and coached for Maui Masters Swim Club, and have done odd computer support jobs (especially in Excel) for many small businesses around Maui.

Menehune's are a legendary race of small people who worked at night, building fish ponds, roads, temples; if the work was not finished in one night, it remained unfinished.  The theory that Menehune's were a race of people that settled in Hawaii before the Hawaiian's arrives has been refuted.  Some on-line links for Menehunes are ... in the Wikipedia, and Pantheon, and in a nice story in Jane's Oceania about the Industrious Menehune of Kaua'i.

Manō is the Hawaiian word for Shark.  (Also, according to the Hawaiian Dictionary by Mary K. Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert "a passionate lover".)  Shark's are 'aumakua to many people - said to have never harmed and frequently to protect those who fed and petted them.

So, for me, Menehune Manō is kind of like a little helpful & playful shark who likes to make things work, but who retreats to the background ... in a way like one of your 'aumakua looking out for you in the water and the computer.

The Pink and Blue theme of the web site is related to the Pink caps our swimmers wear when in the ocean so we can see each other and boats can see us better - and the varying shades of blue is for our Maui Waters where "Bruce" (the veggie but playful shark in Finding Nemo ... pictures and quotes) hangs out all the time.

Web Changes

The biggest web change is creating this website.  Under Construction.



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