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Tide Calendars

There are so many Tide Calendars out there ... cheap!  But they're all set for Oahu/Honolulu and you've got to add or subtract times for your location.  This calendar is made FOR MAUI Swimmers (Makena swimmers) and for Maui Windsurfers (Kanaha).  The swim calendar has pictures taken mostly by Don Bloom of Tropical Light Photography (although I have a few in there, too).  The windsurfing is a mix of pictures taken by Steve Robinson, me and windsurfers that sent them in to me for this calendar.


In addition to tides, these calendars include a rainbow theme since we live in the rainbow state.  There's astronomy information (sunrise/sunset , info on Box Jellyfish, holidays, athletic events (ocean swims, triathlons, bike races, running events, windsurfing events) and much more.


They are limited edition (100 each) mostly for us swimmers and windsurfers.  These calendars cost me $16 to print since they're custom pictures and calendar and I don't print zillions.  That's what I sell them for (or a little tip or shipping if you add it on) until I run out.



2007 Makena Swimming Tide Calendar Proof.


2007 Kanahā Windsurfing Tide Calendar Proof.


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